Rustic World [US-Dallas | A Friendly PVP Sleeper Server]

Press F1: net.connect

In Rustic World players will not be able to craft C4, M4’s, 556 Ammo etc… They will instead have to rely heavily on buying and selling to acquire these powerful items, as the blueprints will not be enabled in game. Finding them in crates will be very rare, zombies will never drop ammo/weapons but will gain the user some cash & food. This will add a whole new flavor to the game with the buying and selling of goods.

So get out there, slay some zombies and fight for your right to survive!

**Server Features **

• PvP
• Sleepers
• Door Sharing
• Economy
• Bounty’s
• Starter Kits
• Join/Create Groups
• Private Messaging
• Chat History
• Show Player List & Online Count
• Server Notices
• Message of The Day
• Player Join/Leave Notices
• VACBanned Detection
• Custom Loot tables
• Custom Crafting/Blueprints
• Admin Control
• Submit In Game Tickets to Admins
• Console Chat History
• Broadcast PvP Death Messages

Future Features

• Friends List
• Display Ping
• Timed Sleepers
• Voice Notifications
• Display Coordinates


• You are required to listen and respect all Rustic World Admins! Failing to do so will result in a kick and or ban.
• No duping, exploiting or hacking. You will be permanently banned! Server auto detects VACBans.
• To report a player email or submit a in game ticket. Please provide any screenshots via email to

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The Admins are very nice.

Thanks, here’s to another bump. Hope to see some new friendly faces on the server!

I’m in the processes of creating a massive arena to host events in, in game! So if you’re looking for a server that is very active and has awesome events and challenges for its community then you came to the right place!

Update: Switched crafting times to one third of normal. (30% Faster Crafting).

Hello I’m Armored’s brother “Nasty_Dropz” and co-owner of the Rustic World Server. Just wanted to stop in and say hello, and that i have a few fun little events to share with you all.

The first fun little event/challenge I’d like to share with you is that i will be randomly placing down ‘Small Stash’ and ‘Wood Storage Box’ throughout the game randomly. They will contain various items from simple survival gear such as some food and med kits to more plentiful items such as weapons, ammo gear, blueprints etc…

The other event will be a daily event aimed for new players. Thus would consist of a marked location on our public map that would lead new players to a location where a starter kit would reside. Inside you will find items that will be essential to your survival.

Rustic Starter Kit (1 per day)
Location Found Here;

What’s inside?

1 Wood Foundation
4 Wood Pillars
3 Wood Walls
1 Wood Ceiling
1 Wood Doorway
1 Wooden Door
1 Sleeping Bag
1 Camp Fire
1 Hatchet
1 Wood Storage Box
15 Can of Beans
26 Cloth

I think this daily event will entice new players to use the map while navigating in game, which will help them quickly learn the layout of the landscape. Thus adding to their survival.

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Bumping, hope everyone’s having fun playing Rust!

Bump hope everyone is having a great time in our rustic world community :smiley:

Has one big shitty group on it currently. I made a sarcastic joke about cod and they took it seriously and killed me even when im a freshspawn even though they “Discourage” it. Would not reccomend.

kirbies, not sure what this post is all about. You should know when talking about CoD anywhere on the web you are only going to get trolled. Its the norm Rust servers are not exempt from this, not sure why you would think otherwise.

If you are being killed as a new spawn multiple times, all it takes is to get in touch with Nasty_Dropz or myself and we can deal with the situation. Not even attempting to do this only shows your lack of character when coming here to post something negative on such a minute issue.

Nasty_Dropz did get in contact with the person in question and the situation has been resolved. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. I do hope in the future you do give Admins on other servers a chance to resolve any issues you may have.

As many people in the Rust community knows that no matter what server you play on, hacks are readily available for anyone to use with a simple download. So this is something all server hosts are facing right now.

Just like Kirbies posted there is a group who has been caught abusing admin items. Also, its a real coincidence that every air drop that comes in lands in their base. Till this group is dealt with or banished this server is not worth the time. 2 days wasted to have some douches grief me with admin items.

Most of the other players have been nice and fun to play with.

I have completely reset the server, as for anyone other then Nasty_Dropz or myself using admin items or commands is not possible as they would need access to the rcon.login password. Also admin items cannot be dropped in game as they get auto deleted when dropped or upon death. If you are refering to being giving spawn items then everything was deleted in the wipe if this was the case.

Also Nasty_Dropz is my irl little brother we both decided on a fresh start and no admin spawned or gave anyone else items other then the items we placed in the game for the “Starter Kits”

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It appears our Host is under a DDoS Attack.

I Should rephrase that, not “Admin Items” per-say but stacks of C4 the admins had on them while they were sleeping that was stolen from them. But that still doesn’t account for 13 Airdrops landing in one location.

Airdrops can be triggered by players, but yeah that seems way to many to be legit. The server was reset yesterday morning and no admins will be permitted to use any commands other then the teleport function when necessary.

The intent by us trying to create a steel “admin” tower was a poor decision on our part, sadly it did not go the way we hoped. We serenely apologize for the inconvenience this has cause, but a fresh new start is not always a bad thing in Rust.

Here’s a bump enjoy playing with the rustic community :smiley:

Thought this looked really awesome, almost real like. Made me think of Survivor.


I updated the restart on the server from weekly to daily. Hopefully this will keep the server running at its smoothest. This will not effect any of the games save data as this only refeshes the server and is **NOT **a wipe. It is currently set to restart everyday at 5:00am MST


The Server/Client update that happened yesterday has wiped only the world save, but not the character saves. So players will still have all their items they had on them plus their blueprints they have learned.

I tried reverting this but all it did was recreate a new rust world save file. Sorry for the inconvenience this has cause but at least the character files where not overwritten.

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List of Installed Mods;

Installed: Leather
Installed: DropParty
Installed: Rust++