Rustify - Pvp/Sleepers/Airdrops+15/Mature admin

I went through numerous servers with horrible admins abusing their powers or not doing their job against the cheaters. If you’ve faced similiar problems this is the right server for you. This server is all about survival/raiding/pvp and of course the server is ‘noob’ -friendly. If this sounds good press f1 at the menu and type this in;

I can promise you that the admins are mature and every decision they make is only for the sake of the players and the community. Come and enjoy!


Yea, i can agree on that. Airdrops 35+ players.

Server is hosted in Sweden, admin is Finnish.

Come and join in!


Server doesn’t have any kind of mods!

Server up and running =)

New arena with upcoming events, prizes and fun in general :slight_smile:

We had couple rounds in arena, revolvers with 13 ammos +1 bandage, bow+30 arros with 2 medkit. That was fun to watch!

Couple item giveaways by players, admin does not support item spawning.


Changed server name, its called Rustify.

Public rust server ‘Rustify’ Server IP:

All hackers will be (and already are) banner by steam-id, so no coming back with different name.

No admin abuse, and i’ve been called the best admin on eu :wink: Im fair, i dont play, just monitoring and stuff.

No wipes incoming, unless content patches requires it. About 2 weeks old server and its going to stay for ever!

We had 80 players online at peak time, usually around 40 at early evening. New players will get some food and hatchet, if they want. No kits, no mods.



When the server got wiped?

Already wrote it there, couple weeks old and not going to get wiped. Couple new players every day.


Mumble server is ready and running, if you want to use it.
port 3962


New rules, dont be a dick. Thats all.


new events coming,

-hunger games


Item breaking rate has lowered by 75%, so they last longer now.

Nice to see so many players online, thank you!


We are now in facebook!

Welcome to join!


freshly wiped, 28.2.14 23.30pm gmt+2 :slight_smile:

If you want some competition, come to see what we have to offer :slight_smile:

NO admin playing at all.


Today nearly all slots taken, max slots 100. Unfortunately it brought lots of hackers too.

Hacker banlist contains 71 cheaters.


All good, another month paid and server runs smooth. 100 players were online, max slots reached.

Thank you and see you online tomorrow.

Banlist containing only hackers reached 100 too…


Another month started great. About 60 players on average and 130 players already banned, all of them cheated.z

Come and join us.


currently 70+ players trying to survive rustify, poll for wipe is running untill monday 15.00 gmt+2.

Link to vote is in facebook and steam group.


Wiped 10.3.14. 16.00 gmt +2.

No noob friendly, no kits, no mods. First airdrop on tuesday 11.3.14 . 15.00gmt +2

Survival of the fittest.


Hehe. Really hc server, lots of things going on.

Not a single abuse by admin, lots of proven hackers banned.

Join up, try to survive rustify.