- Problem

Hi everybody,
First sorry for my bad english i’m frensch, so I have completed the survey to have a key in, the link is proposed to the description of Garry’s profile, I have completed the survey but I don’t have receved any key… Help me please

those surveys are scams and those generators are false don’t bother using them

The retard is strong in this one

This guy is the one who set it up, and he is using (badly disguised) posts here to funnel all the morons into doing the scam.

Ok for false generator but the survey is proposed by Garry!
So I’m waiting…

everyone can type that it is proposed by garry…

bad new for me…

no it’s not

I’m wainting, i would see

Oh shit, do you think they’ll get away with that? That’s pretty much scamming.

it’s also in maxofs2d’s title, just sayin’.

No? Really? What kind of person would scam for a rust key?

Unheard of.

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you know that you can buy titles for multiple people right

Because after completed the survey I fall to the page with the button to download, i click but I download anything :’(

The survey is a lie.

no, i didn’t know, and i wasn’t implying anything.

so why did you post it?

Look under Garry’s name we have the link
If the survey is a lie, Garry is a “bitch”?

because i thought people didn’t know it, when i said “just saying”, i really meant “just saying”, why did you have to take it like i was implying something.

Stay classy french people

Aurais-tu une réponse à m’apporter entre français? ^^