[RustLand - Vanilla | NoDura / AA / Airdrops] STAY AWAY

Stay away from RustLand - Vanilla | NoDura / AA / Airdrops.

Reason: I was playing on the server for about 2 days and I logged out at about 5:00 EST then log back in about 6:30 EST to find that my sleeping bag was destroyed. At first glance, “I’m like, damnit I got raided.” but then I walked back to where my base WAS and all that remained was pillars and ceilings. Someone destroyed every single wall/door/doorway on the base. Immediately, I called an admin because the only way someone could have used that many c4 ON THE FIRST DAY OF WIPE was an admin. The admin Joe teleported to me and I asked him what happened to this base. He first said “I have no clue what happened, no admin spawned in c4, im looking at the logs right now”. Then I explained why everything was suspicious because who could possibly blow up and who in the fuck would waste more than 16 c4 on every single wall for absolutely no reason. I’ve been an admin before on others servers, and it appeared to be an admin who cleaned up the base. I continued to question him and he stated “oh yeah, there was a hacker in this base shooting people and I uber hatcheted a wood door down and killed the hacker then banned him”. I said well that doesnt make sense because u just said there was one wood door here, there was 4 metal doors was I logged out." He then said “well people must’ve raided your base man” unable to realize what I was trying to say. FINALLY, after 40 minutes of talking with him, he said “oh I just checked the logs and one of our trial admins spawned in the c4 and blew up the base”. Clearly something fishy happened. Regardless, A hacker got into MY base and was shooting people through walls (probably with my guns) and the admin thought it was THE HACKER’S base and blew up the entire base. Joe then refused to reimburse my stuff but more importantly lied to me TWICE when i confronted him what happened. If he “checked the logs” the first time or was too lazy to he would have realized the entire dilemma from the beginning. Unable to realize his mistake or clearly too arrogant, he simply refused to help me out or grasp the situation.

In other words, stay away from RustLand - Vanilla | NoDura / AA / Airdrops, unless of course you like sketchy admins who don’t help players.

This admin Houston and his boys got killed by my friend and I. he comes up behind me with a rock and turn and shoot him with my shotgun point blank and he says I was hacking and bans me n my boy from the server. This server is hardcore on admin abuse we had 30 explosives and some c4 along with guns we got from them when they were moving stuff so to get it back they banned us to kill our sleepers. This server is pathetic stay away if u want to actually advance in the game.