map and that other guys "why is dis no gud map" thread

if you zoom out on their maps (i.e. u can see that the actual island is 100 times bigger than what we play on now. has anyone actually explored all of that to confirm??? is the “final” map actually going to be that big? if so, they better add some ferraris.

Yep - there aren’t any resource nodes or anything past the map proper, but back in the day you could explore the whole thing if you so chose. Now there’s high radiation out there that will insta-kill you.

I got a server going and have added resources and loot sights going all the way around Mt Everrust…added them in hacker valley and wastelands as well. Players seem to like the additional game play options. It’ll be nice when more of the map is used with out having to manually add these things.

This map is a PLACEHOLDER god damn use the search feature

placeholder this placeholder that, cool story bro. I prefer an explanation and some input like Evil Joes reply are actually valuable unlike your post there. use the search feature yourself, its no crime to talk about something that has been talked about before.

Correct, it’s a placeholder. The devs are currently exploring ways to randomly generate maps, presumably per-server, and with controls given to the server owners so each server might have its own unique atmosphere. Here’s their Trello.

Wow didn’t know that was possible. I’ll inform our admin about it. When we’ve got 100 players online it’s nearly impossible for freshspawns to gather anything and resources in wasteland would help. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I’ll explore the whole map once i got a vehicle or something…