RUSTlive Interactive Live Map

RUSTlive is probably the rustiest swiss army knife that you can get. It adds a rich browser interface to any RUST server with just a few clicks, allowing players to use an interactive live map, share intel, purchase extra resources on the market and much more.

It’s currently in closed alpha and you can try it out at our official test server: RUST Online | PVP SLP 50%C D45N15 VAC+CP+CERBERUS | RUSTlive!

Let us know what you think about it. We are always open for suggestions on improving it even more.

Have fun!

Looks awesome, I would love to add this to my server.

Right now I use and that works most of the time but occasionally has issues.
Your website seems very clean and straight forward compared to rustnuts.

Some suggestions since you mentioned it:
:arrow_forward: Change the font / opacity of the map location names to make them easier to read.
:arrow_forward: Include more area names (like resource hole, south barn, north barn, etc.)
:arrow_forward: Have a way for admins to track all players live (useful for spectating suspected hackers without TPing right on them)
:arrow_forward: Show your current coordinates or click to get a teleport command typed for you.
:arrow_forward: North is facing the wrong way on the map? All other maps I have seen Ecko Valley was always South.

Then sun/moon changed direction a couple patches ago, this map is more appropriate now, properly rotated.