[RustLOL] Super Ultra Head-Spin 9000 [Photo]

Super Ultra Head-Spin 9000



Stop advertising

wait wt? y? its just a text…Im sharing the photo.

I mean you kinda did put your server IP and stuff on it. If your going to post a humor post you dont need to say where it came from.

Ya I did… and your right I don’t need to, but all I want to do is share the photo. IP and stuff is just an extra… its not like the text on the photo burned your souls into ash or anything…If it was a ad for health care and had a link to a pron site, it would make sense why it shouldn’t be there. I’m simply putting that on that server we have situations like this occur.

Was that supposed to be funny?

Was that supposed to be sarcastic? lol I dont get all this hate man… just enjoy the pic for what it is…

I thought it was funny