thanks you all for using us and giving us feedback

Hey everyone and thank you for this month.

It’s now been a month since we released the map and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of users coming to our site and using it on a regular basis.
We’ve had over 500.000 visits over the last month and it’s going up everyday.

We have been so grateful for the support that we have gotten from you all and the feedback that you have given both here and on our site.

Our current focus has been to optimize the website with the amount of visits that we get. Since our launch you guys have used just under 4TB of traffic.
Our next focus will be to improve on the functions of the site, were introducing more login options, including email and possible Google and Facebook.

We hope you all like our site and that we can keep you all satisfied with the future development of the site

Owner and Back-end developer of

Whats the point of this post.

Self promotion, and to tell everyone he appreciates the traffic, obviously.
Do you have eyes?

Say thanks for the support people have given us and informing people how the site has done this month.

There’s is no need for it, i mean nobody even uses any other form of map. This is the only one out there that is viable and user friendly. I don’t think thanks needs to be in order.

You’re sheltered.
You can easily access maps via Steam Guides. So there is definitely reason for him to promote his site.
Therefore, you’re proven retarded. Again.

Great job guys. Still jealous about those visits, but I’m catching up!

I do not like this map, the ‘sign in with steam’ makes me wonder if you are capturing steam login’s for nefarious purpose? I see no way to make my own login external of steam. I do not trust this site.

We can not not capture your steam login details when you click the login button it will send you to steam’s website where you will login and they will send you back to us and give us your steam uid which is already public available to everyone. They give us no other details!!!

Why require a login to view a stupid map?

We do not require login to view the map, we require login to make your own markers, lines and shapes and gain the ability to share the changes you made to the map between friends and others.

My feedback: Add more photo locations. (from an empty server with no bases) - see “Steam OpenID Provider”

This is on our lists todo and will be added asap

Why not have it like it was before and just let people password the map using random map ID’s? It’s not hard. Simple is better. Don’t require log in. You will lose traffic due to the fact people don’t want to spend an extra 10 seconds clicking a button to log in.

Because we want to give people more privacy, you can share maps on the site just between two or more users, without the link or password leaking and only the creator of the map can decide who can do what.