RECON | PVP | SLEEPERS | 4hr / 24hr Cycles | World First Mapping System! Official Game Server Name: RECON | PVP | RareCraft | Sleepers | NoSpawns – Ox

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About: We’re looking to create a long-game approach to Rust as in it’s current state it seems to progress a bit too quickly! Come join us from the start and have that edge of being here for it!

Oxide API | Long Days (4 hours / 24 hour Cycles)
Very Rare BP / Research Kit Spawns | +50% Craft Speed | C4 Only From Purchase / Airdrop | Admins Cannot Spawn/TP
Rare Military Weapons | In Game Events!
Very Active Admins! We Play Because We Love The Game!
Sleepers | PVP

New RECON Gameplay mode!
Use in-server currency to purchase information about the location of your enemies! Tired of being griefed and never being able to find the guy?! Kill zombies to earn cash, spend cash for coordinates! Use them with our map to find where your enemies hide! Think you know how to build a tough to crack base? You won’t be able to hide it!

WORLD FIRST Rust game mapping system!
Visit RUSTNUTS.COM you will find our map that has been developed for use with servers that provide player coordinates! (Yes! Works with others!)