Server is live with a community thriving, a group of players who are actively friendly, patrolling against bandits, working together.

This is only possible because we have done so by working together.

Though does not mean we do not look for the challenge, more bandits come and unfortunately leave every day. We have had little action for a few days, and most of the pvp has been done to sleeping bodys.

That said, I have recently upgraded our server to 100 man server, even though it was not full before, I am hoping to draw some of your attention in to an active server, with good friendly players, even in the spirit of competition (IE Some PvP can still be friendly and welcomed)

I have also put out the thought of turning it into a RPPvP server, though the current members wouldnt want to be force any type of rules, just a possible attraction to players to join. We want our server to thrive, so come join us and bring your friends.

Server is

Rustoleum PvP/Sleepers/Friendly

It will not be wiping for some time, is a fresh server, and has active friendly admins.

Updated with website

So many servers, this one has an edge if we can get some folks in.

Demo video coming soon.

Come on folks, join our server.