Rustopia [US] Clan!

Hi, my friends and I have had [TOR] running for awhile, being a private small friend clan but were opening up our ranks! Rustopia is a fairly populated server and currently our roster is 12+ people and would love to have more members to compete with the other huge clans.

We are just looking for older teenagers/adults that are veterans who know what they are doing and are both serious and laid back and fun and are okay with being on my stream. We use team speak and if you are interested in a fun community add me on steam!

If we let you join, you get a custom logo with a color of your choice and your name on it and get to have the [ToR] tag.

Thanks! - JJxJ


second try… and its not going to work again but hey im not a bad guy i will give you a tipp if youre really looking for new player maybe try posting it here <-

No one can message you on steam when your profile is set to private hahaha

I would love to play in a rust clan but I have a job and a life.

That life part. Yea for me too

post on reddit, there is a no advertising policy here.

in the sticky.

I think im a minority in Rust but i like solo playing much more. When i play in a 12 man clan i feel not independence. Sometimes its really funny to play with a large team but i had my best moments only with my best friends or solo.