Rustralasia: Sharing | PVP | Friendly Admins | AU/NZ

Have you been looking endlessly for a new fun and enjoyable server? Sick n Tired of having to connect to multiple servers to find a server full of rude admins and players? Then Rustralasia is for you! Rustralasia is a high performance Oxide server with the best features to have a great, fun and enjoyable experience. If you choose to play on Rustralasia you should expect to see a friendly community with friendly admins and great events such as Quests, and Clan battles etc! We are currently looking for staff that has had previous experience of running a server, so if interested feel free to come online and let one of the admins know!

AU/NZ ~ Rustralasia ~ No Sleepers ~ OxideMod ~ ¼Craft ~ Most Recent Wipe:1/29
● Australian and New Zealand Server
● Dedicated Friendly Admins
● Oxide Mod
● Events
● Faction/Group Battles
● Decent Loot Spawn Rates

Server Mechanics:
● No PVP Sleepers
● ¼ Craft
● Door Sharing
● Starter Kit
● Quests
● Hourly & Random Airdrops

Chat Features:
● Chat History
● Private Messaging
● Player List & Staff List
● Group Chat
● Admin Help Requests
● Map Location

Join Rustralasia now and bring all your friends, make an amazing base, or a huge town. Your imagination is never limited in Rustralasia so come make your dreams come true!
Rustralasia is currently online and under new development, there may be some minor issues in the plugin side of things so give it some time.

To connect, start up rust and on the homepage press F1 then type or paste:
and press enter and you should connect to Rustralasia! Enjoy your stay!

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