RustRP | DOOR SHARING | LIMITED C4 - Modded with Oxide

Press F1 and paste this in to join us: net.connect

Hello, we’re a new Rust server looking for friendly, mature, and active players. The reason we started our own server was because we were just sick and tired of the hackers and downright abusive admins. We wanted to build a community where we could play happily knowing that abusive admins and hackers would be least of our worries. This community starts here. If you would like to join us, please drop by :slight_smile:

We will also be holding frequent events and giving away prizes!
The server is absolutely fresh so this is the best time to get a head start.

Starter kits for all new players (P250 + Ammo, Wood Planks, Food, etc). Reply with your steam profile link in this thread to request one.

Server wiped: 1/8/2013

  • Door Sharing, private messaging, and viewable player count.
  • Crafting C4 is disabled (Explosives material is removed from air drops). C4 drop rate is increased and looting is the only way to get them now. We believe this will prevent C4 spamming and rampant raiding.
  • Lag free & Perfect hit registry
  • No Admin Abuse - We will always respect our players
  • Hackers will be banned immediately
  • Instacraft - Why wait?
  • Sleepers enabled to prevent combat logging
  • Frequent events and surprise air drops
  • Hidden Easter Eggs placed around the map (variety of weapons, ammo, and resources)

If you have any suggestions/comments/questions or want to report hackers/admin abuse, please contact me on steam.

In-game map for reference (Brandy):

We have 10-20 active players so far, and we’re only a few hours old!

Event started: There are several shacks placed alongside the road containing random prizes - ranging from M4’s to pistols to resources.

Good luck and let the games begin.

Still going strong!

Our nightly event is about to start!

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Easter egg event started!: A wooden storage box containing 200 wood planks and 50 low quality metal is hidden in a barn.

Hint: It is very close to a Radtown.

Good luck!

Next event starting in 15 minutes!

Server updated! Everyone should be able to join now.

Great, friendly server!

Thanks Ubel. We’re about to start our nightly Easter egg events!

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Event started: A wooden box containing 200 Wood Planks and 100 Low Quality Metal is hidden (not really) in the mountains somewhere.

HINT: It’s on top of a rock and in a radiated zone.

Server is running great and the community is growing. :]

We’ve reached over 30 players!

Server updated to latest patch.

Server is working fine even though, the rest are getting ddos’d which is pretty awesome. The admin is friendly and guarants starting kits for everyone so it’s not too hard to begin your adventure on the server. Overall a cool server :).

server went down i guess :frowning:

Rust is getting DDoSed again.

Server is up and working with 20+ players on right now!

Server is up! So far, so good.

Joined the server recently and so far it’s lived up to it’s expectations! No lag or anything, pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

50 players on! Nightly Easter egg hunt is about to begin!

Nearly 60 players now and running great :]

This is a great server. Started playing on it today and im loving it. Keep up the good work guys. :slight_smile: