Rust's Asylum|Active Admins (AirDrops)|15+Plugins|Noob Friendly

Rust’s Asylum|Active Admins (AirDrops)|15+Plugins|Noob Friendly
Helo and welcome to Rust’s Asylum. We are a bunch of people that want to give the best Rust experience possible. If your on your own or with friends you will always have a good time. The admins are fair and do NOT abuse there powers. They will help make sure you have an amazing time possible. But that cannot always be helped. Make sure you have a good base as this is a PvP server so you may be killed not at all or alot. We will not accept any type of racism and will be dealt with severely as that is not what people enjoy reading.


  1. English Only
  2. No Hacking, Glitching, Exploiting, Racism, Insulting
  3. Night Raid Only


  1. Door Share - On
  2. Groups - On
  3. Admins - Active, Friendly, Non-Abusive
  4. Economy - On
  5. Sleepers - Off
  6. Wipes - Only for new updates or if too laggy (From structures)
  7. Airdrops - 10 Minimum or when admin online
  8. Realistic Loot - Military Weapons only crafted or from airdrops. (Pipe Shotgun, Bow, Handcannon, Revolver found normally)
  9. Admin Bases (To Raid) - Alot of loot can be gained but be prepared!
  10. PvP - On
  11. Instacraft - On

Jack - Owner
AFlyingPig - Dev
KarMa -Helper

IP To join server - net.connect
Slots - 50

We hope to see you here soon!