Rust's insane bandwidth usage?

Ok, so Rust for me crashes quite a bit but the game is so fun i just put that out of my mind and rejoin the game straight away. I have been doing this for the past 6-7 days and i look at my internet usage and I’ve gone through 6GB! (I’m on a very limited cap) I have read that Rust reloads the pack and stuff every time you join a server? Is this true? If so is there anyway to stop it from using so much data?

koolyopeoples. rust like minecraft or even wurm online, has to obtain where buildings created by players exist, what they are etc… but even with all that the amount of data should NOT add up to 6GB within 6-7 days, from my understanding the map that is loaded is stored locally. Thus you might have something else your running that sucks up so much bandwidth.

It’s just the only thing I’ve done different in the last 7 days was play Rust.

Streaming services like Netflix and Youtube take up a BUNCH of bandwidth. You sure you’re not streaming more porn than the average?

You’re right maybe i have been watching more big booty bitches than normal.

Gurantee you the problem is you’re now running steam and its downloading updates for games automatically, including rust.