Rust's Triumph: Stuff that is boring in other games is fun and dangerous in Rust

I was moderately geared last night (leather, p250, shotgun) and I’m smashing down a wooden door with my pickaxe, keeping a look out for anyone who might get the drop on me and I realized-- even though I’ve done this several dozen times, even though I’m standing in one place, hitting a door over and over again for several minutes, even though I can stand to lose my gear, and even though nothing is happening – I’m having fun! I’m almost literally doing nothing and I’m having a blast!

Same thing with resource collection. I’ve always hated resource collection in other games. In Age of Empires I hated having to micromanage my berry-pickers and stone-gatherers. In Minecraft, digging for ore and especially diamonds became a chore.

… but in Rust, I’m constantly in fear of being shot in the back of the head when I’m collecting resources. There are times I’m looking out at a field full of nodes and I have to ask myself: Is it worth the risk?

It’s an amazing triumph that, in Rust, resource collection is usually fun and dangerous. Sure, there is a bit of a grinding element-- but even when nothing is happening, I’m on high alert.

Bravo, Garry-- I never thought collecting resources could be fun, but you’ve done it. You’ve actually done it!