RustSSR is back and stronger than ever!

Hello Everyone,

Why not try out RustSSR!?

Hit F1 to bring up your console and enter the following:
net.connect “″

We are running the Oxide mod which includes the following plug-ins;
-Teleportation(Great for helping you and your teammates/friends get together and build)
-Economy (Kill Mutants, Bears, Wolves and other players and get money – Spend it on the items you need/want)
-Private Message (Message only the people you want – not the the entire community)
-Groups (Team up with your friends and conquer)
-CheatPunch enabled (Get those nasty hackers out of here)
-Remove Owned Structure (Great to remove those misplaced items on your base)

More Server Features:
PVP = On
Sleepers = On
Craft time = Instant
Airdrops = 50 players
Slots = 150
Crafting C4 = No
Starter Kits = Yes
Active & Fair Admins = Yes

Once you join in please type /help in game in chat for much more detail.
We are looking forward to seeing on the server and learning to survive!

Lasted Wipe - Feb 23, 2014


This is a really great server. It was one of the top 5 populated server before it got DDoS. Now it has DDoS protection. Let’s bring it back to its former glory :)!

We are doing our best to make this a strong community!

Join us :slight_smile: You won’t regret it!

Now is the time to get on the server. Fresh - new and smooth. All great fun!