[RustSSR](Wiped 3/4)PVP|NoCraft-C4|Rare Miltary|Teleport|Active

Active & Fair staff running a rust community for your enjoyment on a dedicated server only for RustSSR with advanced DDOS protection.

net.connect play.RustSSR.com:28015

Visit -> http://www.RustSSR.com for more details.

Details on RustSSR:

We believe it is important to make the game fun. We have removed the ability to craft military grade weapons and armor as well as explosive charges (C4). We are running an advance loot spawn table that gives everyone a fair chance to play. So you have a chance to find that military weapon, armor, or C4 but will you take the risk of using it? Come on RustSSR and see how you fare in the field of Rust!

We are running the Oxide mod which includes the following plug-ins;
-Teleportation(Great for helping you and your teammates/friends get together and build)
-Private Message (Message only the people you want – not the the entire community)
-Groups (Team up with your friends and conquer)
-Remove Owned Structure (Great to remove those misplaced items on your base)
-Voting system (Vote on http://toprustservers.com and get free goodies)

More Server Features:
PVP = On
Sleepers = On
Craft time = Instant
Airdrops = Yes
Slots = 150
Crafting C4 = No
Starter Kits = Auto
Rare Military Weapons and Armor = Yes
Crafting Kevlar = No
Crafting Military Weapons = No
Active & Fair Admins = Yes

Once you join in please type /help in game in chat for much more detail.
We are looking forward to seeing on the server and learning to survive!

Lasted Wipe - Mar. 4th, 2014



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