RustStorm PvP NoSleeper USEast Instacraft No lag

Relatively new server, wiped 12/19/13.

**Server Connection Info:**
Server Name: RustStorm|USEast|PvP|InstaCraft

To direct connect to game copy the “Server Connection Info:” press F1 while in game, and type: net.connect

After your initial log-in, our server will be saved to your server history.

Server Information:

100 Players.
Host location is New York.
Airdrops set to minimum of one person required.
Instant Craft
All admins are closely known by me for years and report everything to me, we are fair and just.
Plans for server events once we reach a steady population. (Admin made arena with weekly or bi-weekly arena battles with winners being awarded) etc

Come and enjoy your stay!


Great server, played for almost 9 hours yesterday.

Admins play fair and everyone is pretty cool

The other day I started playing, it’s been pretty fun so far. Plenty of area still available to make a house at.