RustStorm|TimedSleep|PvP|InstaCraft|DoorShare|RUST ++

Wiped on 1/28/14
**Server IP:**
Server Name: RustStorm|TimedSleep|PvP|InstaCraft|DoorShare|RUST++
To direct connect to game copy the “Server Connection Info:” press F1 while in game, and type: net.connect After your initial log-in, our server will be saved to your server history.
Server Information:
RUST++ modded server
100 Players
No Admin abuse
Server only brought down for steam updates
Timed Sleeper (Disabled ATM not working for FPS)
Instant Crafting
Airdrops ONCE every REAL TIME hour
Door Sharing
Modded loot drops
Server Rules:
No Hacking or use of third party programs
Be respectful while talking in chat
No complaining of being killed/raided, it is part of the game
No base greifing

**Website: **

**Ventrilo: **
Port: 5790

Server is up and running! come join us and vote for us on