rusttopia us

hello all i got banned from rustopia us for esp hacks when i cant even find my own team so i was wondering how the hell do i get banned when i cant even tell if my teammate if running up on me or not so i was wondering if i could get some help to shine on this light and have somone from facepunch to talk to them about this like i can show that i dont hack in a video its just i dont want to be banned for somthing im too dumb to be able to do thats all im way to poor to even buy hacks and il like to be unbanned if possible if not its still ok with me as long as the true hacker gets banned i cant aford another account so il probly be done with rust after today anyway because if i can be banned for following a guy and it be called esp i think rust is not a game to play il be spreading the word i cant even tell the admins i dont hack because they wont even let me get a hold of them

Why should anyone from Facepunch talk to them about it?
It’s not an official server, the owners can do whatever they want. I’d suggest going to their site and contact the server owners there?
If a server admin banned you, then you’re not VAC / EAC banned. You’re still able to join other servers, in that case.

because its admin abuse and i hate that kind of thing that’s all they should have to have a good reasone to ban and atleast proof they got none

i really hate that term. it’s not abuse. they are executing their right to run a private server how ever they damn well please. if you don’t like it, play on a different server. it’s not like it’s a right for you to play there.

Heres the steam page, stop crying as you’re probably hacking as they don’t ban for no reason. EAC will probably come soon.

Phaedo normally does bann quite correctly maybe you should add him and speak about it , hes pretty cooparative

a admin banned me for esp after i killed him running up to a base thats why im saying its admin abuse

admins on rustopia are known for banning first and asking questions later, theyre fast on the banhammer and often ban without tangible proof. this can lead to ban some innocent players. you can try talking to them.