@RustUpdates - Bridges, Crossbows, New Melee Quarry Improvements and More!


@RustUpdates has been posting some information on the upcoming update!

Some of the major things that have been mentioned:

  • I am currently unaware whether these are player built or natural.
  • These parts have been posted about:
    – Large Bridge Parts
    – Large Bridge Foundations
    – Large Bridge Broken Ends
    – Large Bridge Columns


  • Walls have been noted as being worked on. Could be in this week.
  • Noted as compound walls and may make it in this week!

NEW! Crossbows:

  • Confirmed and will be in this update.

NEW! Melee:

  • The new 2 handed Longsword, Mace and Cleaver should make it in this week!


  • Survey Charges now leave craters in the ground!
  • Quarries will now snap to the craters!

NEW! Structures

  • The PumpJack and Refinery are in the game now. The PumpJack will have a no-build zone just like the quarry.
  • Tier 2 Furnace is now in!
  • The Windmill may be in this week, but no other electricity items have been announced.

NEW! Other:

  • All higher tier weapons now require high grade metal, same goes for metal face mask/chest piece.
  • Oil deposits visible on ground, oil is however still available anywhere in less quantities.
  • There is mention of numerous texture changes and exploit fixes.

These are predictions for the next update based on what is being posted by @RustUpdates. Follow @RustUpdates for more information. I will try to keep this updated until the Devblog!

What do you guys think of these additions/changes?

Edit Log

  • Updated to include Walls as of a recent @RustUpdates tweet.
  • Updated wall information and added PumpJack and Windmills and Mace as of recent @RustUpdates tweets.
    - Updated to include some more changes post by @RustUpdates.

Just go to rustafied.com from now on

Nice updates, just like every week.

It’s nice for a general overlook of the updates, but most of the time he’s just asking dev’s about things and doesn’t really know what the some of the items on the RustUpdates feed are for.

In general for a whole look it’s best to use both, since Rustified also gets little sneak peaks from the dev’s but doesn’t cover everything.

Thanks for the support I think?
Updated with more stuff.

High wall costs 50 paper?

Talking about Bugs from Rustafied.

Ok thanks for clarifying!
Updated with more information, it is looking to be a big update! :shock:

Rustafied have posted complete update notes

this wont make a wipe happen?

That’s at the server owner’s discretion, some will choose to wipe for this.

I’m thinking quite a few might and some will bp wipe, but again ask the server admin.