Rusty Boom Box

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a bit of music in the Rust world now and then? We’ve got guitars but what about some sort of make-shift boom box that lets people play their own music, but only in the proximity of the item. Could be a way to lift spirits in base, or maybe even set up a trap with noise bait. I’m thinking something that would look like this:

Would be nice if we could upload our own MP3’s from our computer somehow and play them or maybe server owners get to choose playable tracks.

Or just use a stream, like ICEcast or similar.

so much troll will come of it

Then we can finally virtually recreate the famous SKorean K-pop bombing of 2016!

yes ther willbe to meny trolls with this bombing

I can already see the RIAA DMCA mess associated. Would be cool but not ideal

I feel it would be funny to bust in on a bunch of AFKs sleeping to sounds of god-knows-what. I’d probably blast Slayer non-stop myself.

Trolls will be trolls. Might be possible to circumvent trollish doings if implemented with smart restrictions, ie. making them hella expensive, like 5 targeting computers or something.