Rusty bucket challenge!

Rust’s community starts to think, that either every building element is privileged, or you are griefed to hell.

Here comes my solution (be aware, it may not be that realistic):
-Special buckets filled with pure liquified overheated metal. These would be one of the most useful things for besieged individuals. These buckets would be useful for melting/burning ladders. You have to simply spill it on the ladders, and they are gone in seconds. To prevent abuse, you need a furnace to heat stuff, and it wont last that long. You can spill it on your c4-ing foes either, and they are gone pretty rapidly lacking a well or surface of water nearby.
-Ice buckets. You spill it on someone in a cold biome or at night, he will freeze to death lacking fire to heat himself. Excellent if you want to get out of your currently besieged house.
-Hot water bucket. If you spill this on someone, he loses some health.

Feels like Minecraft.

could just use hot low grade fuel/fat;)