Rusty Bullet Hole | PvP | Essentials Starter Kit | Sleepers | Door Sharing | No Decay |

Open Your Console (F1), type: net.connect

Server Information:

~ Door Sharing Enabled
~ Item Removal. You can delete your own items with ease!
~ PvP Enabled
~ Essentials Starting Kit. Includes Food, Tools and Bandages!
~ Sleepers Enabled
~ Friends Enabled
~ No Decay
~ No Wipe
~ Airdrops
~ Private Messaging
~ Lists Chat History. (20 lines)
~ Friendly Admins

This Server is Located in the Netherlands

This Server Currently Runs The Plugin: Rust++

List of Commands:

/help [ Shows a list of commands. ]
/location [ Displays your “X” , “Y” , and “Z” Coordinates. ]
/history [ Lists Chat History. (20 lines) ]
/destroy [ Toggles Deletion Mode. ]
/pm “name” “msg” [ Sends A Personal Message. ]
/r “msg” [ Replies to your last PM. ]
/players [ Displays a list of online players. ]
/starter [ Spawns Starter Set. ]
/ping [ Displays your ping. ]
/friends [ Displays your Friends list. ]
/addfriend “name” [ Adds a player to your Friends list. ]
/unfriend “name” [ Removes a player from your Friends list. ]
/share [ Shares a Door. ]
/unshare [ Unshares a Door. ]

Server Rules: Breaking any of these rules may result in being kicked

  • No Hacking/Cheating. (This is an obvious one.)
  • Do not ask for handouts. (You probably wouldn’t need to in the first place.)
  • Do not trap players! (Please.)

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Bumpity Bump! 25/50 Players Online!

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Bumping for 4:20pm

Consider wiping the server and you’ll get more players, I logged in to see a whole building(They were everywhere like old detroit in robocop) being c4’d down and not to friendly of players in chat