--Rusty Hook! (Rust++) Noob Friendly, 1/2 Craft, PVP/NoSLP, Active & Fair Admins - Wiped 1/7/14

Modded Rust++ Server Looking for more players! We are US West Based & NoSleepers/PVP. Admins are aware of all the latest hacks and will ban hackers immediately once proof is obtained.

We offer 1/2 craft, Private Message, Chat History, Door Sharing and Very active and fair admins. Our admins play as legit players and only log into to the panel to deal with hackers. Admin item spawning is not allowed and killing an admin is allowed and encouraged! you will not become the target of admin abuse for killing one of us, we are players just like you. Any abuse results in admin power being revoked and a server ban.

We have a friendly player base and discourage Noob Killing, House Griefing and the slaughtering of under geared players.

At this point Explosive Charges are a controlled item. The Explosives resource spawns have been limited and are extremely rare. (some people may not like this but it helps control raiding so players are not getting hit every night and it will require more tactical and thought out raiding)

Airdrops start at 10 players and happen once for every in-game day cycle. (this will be adjusted as we grow)

We are happy to answer any questions you have, even if you need help learning how to play the game, we are here for you. Our community plays a significant role in our server and we are open to suggestions please feel free to give us your feedback. We are planning on having events and will work to make your gaming experience the best we possibly can.

Server: --Rusty Hook!(Rust++)Noob Friendly-PVP/NoSLP-1/2 Craft-NoAdminAbuse

Admins: [FPS™] Brokën, [FPS™] Prosëk, [FPS™] Lökey, [FPS™] Lourde

I have played on this server before Great times will be heading back soon! Happy to see you guys put up mods! and are willing to listen to the community for ideas :slight_smile:

Found this server the other day. I play the shit out of it. I’m enjoying it.

Is there a Direct IP for this server!? i would love to get back into this.

Great post and great server!

net.connect LOL SRY about that, go so caught up in spell checking and making it perfect we missed the most important part :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the quick reply :)! see u in game @@ :smiley:

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Thank you for the quick reply :)! see u in game @@ :smiley:

Glad to have you!! :slight_smile:

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Have There been a Rust ++ update?

We are working on that currently, the server is up and running and the mods will be working ASAP



Thanks man love the server thanks for hosting it.

Is the server down? I am trying to connect and can’t find it.

Sorry there was a DDOS attack, the server is back up and running now :slight_smile:

Up again! Sorry for the delay


is it up?