Rusty Ideas

Hello to every member of this forum who is interested in rust! As soon as i saw frankie playing this game i was like: OMG you can do si many things! So here are a few of my ideas:
-chainsaw to get wood faster
-bow and crossbow with normal arrows or poisoned arrows (poison will act just like rads decreasing hp in time, can only be cured with antivenom or pills)
-a slingshot to distract attention or rocks, empy bottles
-old rusty sniper rifle(low loot places)
-old rusty sword(low loot places)
-traps for easier hunting or for nasty players
-a club or a baseball bat
-a bat and the option to add spikes to it or nails
-a revolver
-a old rusty shotgun
-a hunting knife for animals and stealth kills
-smoke grenades for distraction
-hammer or something to craft faster
-zapper to send enemies in coma for a period of time
-snow land with different temperature and animals
-desert land with different temperature and animals
-islands radioactive or not with high loot spawn or not
-A lighthouse as landmark
-A farm with npcs where you can trade stuff or you can raid them if yoo want, your call
-a safe area for players to trade, discuss,build and assemble crews in peace
-deer stands with army loot
-hospitals with medicine (highly radioactive)
-a radiostation heavily defended where players and admins could send mesagges to all the other players on the map (same as the farm you can raid this but its impossible alone)
-roads for vehiclea
-a radiation suit but uncraftable, you can only get it from a high tier boss or a very radioactive area
-Night vision and infrared vision, or some glasses for radiation
-parachute to jump from a mountain or a tower so you can get down without injuries
-more clothing not only the army stuff… Add shirts and jeans and adidas shoes and hats or bike helmets… Whatever one can find in a regular home… Coats gloves stuff like that
-a gas mask would look great
-boats to get to islands
-quad bikes
-small safari like jeeps
-small 2 seats helicopters
-of course cars… I recomend the russian lada :smiley: i think it fits there or the GAZ from dayz
-maybe a trycicle just for fun :slight_smile: or a monocicle
-fireworks to find friends or do a show at your house
-footprints on the ground to see if there is a player around or animals
-animal traps to cath them easier
-hunting whistles so you can call animals and hunt them easier
-disguise kit so if you plan a murder the people shouldnt find out who it was
-quickturn 180 degrees so you can quickly find out if there is somebody in your back
-torches you can take from camp fire
-cigarettes so you can have a nice smoking effect and animation, isn’t it nice to smoke a cigarette at the end of a day when the sun goes down :smiley:
-traps would be great too
-crafting traps for nasty bandits, to lay at your house garden
-some paintings to put in the house to make it more comfy
Those are my ideas, if i proposed something that is already in the game i’m sorry but i dont own it ( yet, hopefully in the future) those ideas are inspired from games like dayz, warz, minecraft and many more , game i like to play a lot.

If you have any new ideas i recommend you to post them here and not make a new thread about it
Thank you for reading :smiley:

PS Im also sorry for the grammar mistakes, i posted this from work and i have a crappy keyboard

This kind of games are amazing 'cause of NO safe area. I hope they will NEVER put such a thing…

well, i’d like to hand out some ideas but since i haven’t played this game… i’ll need to wait.

Thought the idea for cars and other vehicles (lol monocycles) would be good, trading would be good like dayz epoch. Safe zones, good for trading but that would be the only place. They should probably add more guns like sniper rifles, and maybe even machine guns that you could place on the ground with stands. Adding stuff like actual beds and comfy sofas might be good, like they may make your health go up when you sleep. Good ideas, and hopefully this game becomes absolutely EPIC

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Woops - ment monocicles or monocycles (dont know wich spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great if this game could develop on the players ideas :smiley:

Guys, how do you do that blue square thing copying what soneone said?

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Ok thanks

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I have to agree, that would be absolutely awesome

Just by the way creeper, you can also just rate the post and “Agree” to the users post.
This reduces spam and will keep things like “yeah i think thats a good idea” posts away.

Also I’d like to add something else I do not agree with:

-Night vision and infrared vision, or some glasses for radiation
-animal traps to cath them easier
-hunting whistles so you can call animals and hunt them easier
-disguise kit so if you plan a murder the people shouldnt find out who it was
-quickturn 180 degrees so you can quickly find out if there is somebody in your back

These kind of things tend to semplify the game (mostly night vision, and disguise), and I think there are already several easy games.
And man to man, it’s so cool to hunt in the night… Switch off the light and go to backstab your victim, or night clan wars.

edit. I’m sorry if I fail in english grammar, it’s not my mother tongue.

I like some of the ideas, but noo safe zones

Ok, the safe zones are not a good idea so if you want to trade stuff with other people just invite them to your house, i think thats better

some nice suggestions and some not so nice suggestions , im keen to keep looking at this thread

If this thread is about ideas generally, i have some for the launcher menu style.
After a cutscene of a dude being chased by zombies, and escaping from another survivor who wanted to kill him by letting the zombies do the work(these would be rough strokes for a cutscene that kind of gives the feeling of the outer world of rust), the dude reaches his shack.

On the wooden door there’s the word RUST and anything else that’s on a log-in page carved on the door itself.
Upon logging in the survivor comes in this self-built house, where the various parts of the house are parts of the menu, and the dude moves to go to the interested section, buttons could be words consisting of the shadows coming from the camp fire.

There’s the options menu, which consists of all the left wall upon entering the house, there’s the camp fire, a notice-board, and an opened window here. Even if you’ll never see an open window in-game, it’s to have a preview of the outer world, that changes with the graphics settings, so that you can have a preview of what it’s gonna be like in the game, i would have imagined it with trees nearby the house and fog, but it’s not in the game… the options themselves could be made of clouds(bear in mind you should zoom in these sections, so each one should have their style)
then there’s the campfire, options displayable as shadows, it’s meant to be a source of inner ambient sounds, such as fire noises and alike, mixed with the outer ambient sounds that give feedback upon audio settings changes, then there’s the notice-board, it is the place for multiplayer settings. Gameplay settings could be on the steel of a hatchet stuck on the wood wall, next to the notice-board, but i’m not sure of this.

The interior part of a wooden box placed on the opposite wall could be the place for any extras(if there is gonna be any, or it could be for another menu section i didn’t think of, otherwise it could just be decoration), it should have garbage on the sides and corner of the screen, and the font should be made of matches, or something else that gives some nice feeling of stuff that you could find in a box. Oh, and for decoration there could also be some guns that lie on the wall in front of the door you entered from, and a sleeping bag on the right of the before mentioned door, with a quit button right over it.

For the PLAY button, it could be on the door you came from, and it should ask “are you ready to die?”, then when you say yes, a grenade destroys the door as you were about to open it, you are knocked back near the opposite wall, and as you see people coming in, you grab your gun and as you are about to shoot the guy, he shoots you first in the head. Slow fade out, and you’re in the world(all this cutscene, confirm upon pressing play included, could be avoided by a checkbox in the options).

As last, i thought about a section for account settings… but it’s a kind of dumb idea, it would consist of a sort of santuary on the second floor, or basement, where there’s a picture of garry, wheter it should be stylized or not i don’t know, and changes would be made on an altar put in front of said picture.
The only bad thing i see with this, is that it really seems more for a single-player game and therefore not worth the effort, since you can’t display all this shit while in game, so you would end up seeing it only before starting to play, in fact it’s more like broad strokes of a fantasy about a possible menu.

I really hope they don’t add a safe area/zone. Those are one of the reasons WarZ=not so good.

My idea is a molotov cocktail. They can burn down barricades doors and trees. But to not make it super OP gasoline is super rare item to find in the game. Also with 1 wood 1 cloth and 1 gasoline you can make a torch like the first post said and need a campfire to activate it. (maybe if they make tunnels it can be used to light it?). Also heavy door charges to brake down iron/wood doors (100 gunpowder, 20 metal fragments). Also flashlights. Also you can see what weapons a player has on them.

I think they should add lanterns that you can place down or nail to a pillar. players could use this to make street lights for towns or communities they make. they should also add some sort of system where if a fire starts it could spread and burn down forests and even players houses.


lmao this isn’t call o dooty

have 360 degree awareness without turning 180 degrees

Some of these ideas are decent, but a chainsaw? really? I don’t think a chainsaw would fit this type of game. Actually a lot of these things seem out of sync for this game… :v: