Rusty Nuts and Bolts. Noob Friendly, Good People Good Times

server dead

BEST SERVER EVER… Everyone was so nice and helped me a lot, other players don’t shoot on sight and were very helpful one time a looter got on the server almost everyone hunted him down after a while he logged off and we all went back to normal, also it you type /Starter it gives you a 9mm gun PERFECT i can defend myself a little right of the bat , other players would also come to my aid almost as soon as i asked for some help. the Admin was extreamly fair and nice to me. cant beat that IMO… best experience i have had with rust thus far would recommend to everyone.

Thank you Loonybin it was a fun evening. Also thank you for letting me know you had a hard time finding the server. for any new players that do not know just press F1 on the main screen and type in net.connect and blamo you on the server

Good server will be staying