Rusty Nuts New Server

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Brief Description

A brand new server with a twist, Military Weapons, Bolt Action Rifle and Explosive Charge are not craft-able, but these can be found in air drops. Which you can buy from the store….!! Time to kill some zombies and bears 0_o. However all starter weapons are still craftable apart from the Revolver. Come and enjoy minimal wipes and lag.

Server Features

  • 100 player slot server


  • DOOR SHARING [Lets your friends share your house]

  • BASIC ECONOMY (Kill animals and zombies for cash, enabling you to purchase military weapons, metal structures and more]

  • GROUP MAKER [Create groups and invite your friends]

  • PRIVATE MESSAGE [Don’t want to tell the server, PM your friend instead]

  • PVP ON [With the lack of military weapons fights and crate drops are better balanced than before]

  • HALF-CRAFT [No one wants to wait forever right :D]

  • AIRDROPS ON [Minimum of 10 players]

  • EVENTS [Custom events crafted by the admins based around looking bases for great rewards]

Game Commands

#Door Share /share “player name” /unshare “player name”

#Purchasing /price [for a list of items] /buy “item name including quotes”

[Type /help when in the server for full list of commands]

Full name and IP address

[UK] Rusty Nuts [1/2 Craft][Share][Purchase Weapons][PvP]


Admins = MajorSpunk & Rusty Nuts