Rusty Panties PVP|TP|InstaCraft| Kits (M4) l Econ |Sleepers l PVP l Raiding l Airdrop 3+

We are Rusty Panties! we have active admins that play the game with strict rules
We have some of the best mods in the rust gaming community!
Come check our panties!!!

No Dura, No fall Damage, no Decay, Airdrops, TP, Warps, POS, Remove tool, Bouncing Betties and much much more!
Anti-hack systems, more more more!


TeamSpeak voice server
Password: Blackhawks

Server features:

•Airdrops when 5+ players are connected every other in-game day at 12:00
•No durability
•Instant craft
•Door sharing
•Starter kit contains items that prep you for war and building!
•Remover tool, does not refund materials or allow you to remove pillars/foundations that support other base structures (no floating bases)
•Groups/Factions, player created Factions which prevent friendly fire from team members and alert you when you try to harm them
•Group/Faction chat channels
•Private messaging
•In-game clock
•Position tool, tells you your player coordinates so you can reference on
•Chat history
•Lights Out, this feature allows you to use (/lights on/off) to toggle your base lighting (Camp Fires, Furnaces). You still need Wood in them if you want to cook something, but this feature will light the object up without Wood. It controls a maximum of 20 lights per person and 30 lights per house within a 50 meter radius.
•Kill alerts, the victims name is displayed on the top center of your screen when you kill someone
•Door holding alerts, When a door is being held it gives the person trying to open it a message saying it’s being held
•Anti-foundation on objects
•Anti-ramp on objects
•Anti-pillar on top of small stashes
•Anti-autowood, prevents hackers from automatically gathering wood from trees around them
•Anti-learnall, prevents hackers from being able to craft items without having researched them
•Anti-range, prevents hackers (or normal players that accidently hit phantom bodies) from hitting other players when out of range
•Anti-jumphack, prevents hackers from moving upward (jumping) faster than they should be
•Anti-speedhack, prevents hackers from moving horizontally (crouching/walking/sprinting) faster than they should be
•Family share account kicker
•All container access is logged, we can tell who opened any object and specifically which items were added/removed
•All kills/deaths are logged but not announced (position, range, distance, weapon used) for killer/victim so we can tell if someone shot through a wall/rock/etc. This also includes a kdr/kills/deaths leaderboard for administrators
•Sleeping bags and beds are logged, this helps us track players glitching into objects
•Sleeper logging
•Supply drop logging, we log supply drops just like we are for all other containers. This is to help us catch players using ESP to find them or looting from a distance
•DDoS protection
•Off-site backups, all server files are backed up to an external server regularly
•Good luck and report any problems to admins.
•Please register here so you will be updated on any server changes. Please post any recommendations or Mods you would like to see under the Forum tab.

• We welcome clan groups and will help set your group up in a isolated place if needed. Contact an admin for more info in game.

• Refer friends and we will gift you a supply signal for your referral! Notify admin of referral to redeem you gift.

Great admins and awesome server