Rusty | PVP | Airdrops | Noobfriendly | Wipe 05-05 | .5craft&nodura

Server name: Rusty | PVP | Airdrops | Noobfriendly | Wipe 09-05 | .5craft&nodura

IP: net.connect

Some server features:

  • Powered by the Oxide 1.18 API
  • PvP
  • Ability to remove misplaced objects
  • Arena System
  • GroupSystem
  • Anti-Speedhack System
  • Anti-Flyhack System
  • Anti-Aimbot System(Auto-Bans hackers shooting from insane ranges)
  • Sleepers.
  • Half-Crafting time
  • Door sharing
  • Airdrops at minimum 10 people
  • 200 slots.
  • Cheatpunch Enabled
  • Friendly and active admins
  • Hosted on Daemon Servers powerful and stable servers
  • DDOS Protection


  • No hacking(obvious one)
  • No exploiting
  • No griefing

Come join us, and have fun!

if only it wasnt located in france. need this but in NA :frowning:

How was your ping to the server? I have /now command now to check for pings.

Great server, no lag, active admins, friendly players, awesome remove and anti cheat features, one of the best i’ve played on. Can’t wait for even more people to join.

i play alot on na servers and the ping is barely noticeable. like 100ish depending if its east coast

anyways good server, check it out

  • Updated with more features

Great server:
Keeps the original rust feeling while adding a few extras.
Admins are very easy to get along with and the banning system is pretty solid.
I recommend this server very much.

Server has been switched to run with Oxide 1.18

Wiped today!

The Oxide makes this server even better, fresh wipe, everything new and shiny, love it. All its missing is a few more players. Come join us :slight_smile:

Pretty smooth running server. Very enjoyable.
I would take advantage of this fresh wipe, new start, as this will end up being a pretty popular server.