Rusty - Server RCON tool

Rusty - Admin tool

I have not had much time to fill this stuff out but hopefully as you can see Rusty is progressing and I reply to as many posts here as I can :slight_smile:

The tool is for server admins to use RCON (The same as admin command inside of the game) from outside of the game.

Unfortunately the new Rust branch is lacking most console commands, the missing features like gear and TP will make a return when the commands come back :) 


**Rust server tracking**

I now have a rust server tracking site, I will be integrating it into Rusty its self but for now, go check it out!
Click here

**====================== LEGACY CLIENT ====================**

The normal Rusty is now the experimental client. If you want the legacy client for old servers please download from:

I was not going to put this up but a few people have mentioned it so here we go. Any support is really appreciated!

Please head to my site and click the donate button:

If you have issues please feel free to post here, send me a pm or contact me via skype/email
Skype: henry.garle.iris

See trello!



Down below.

Download (zip):

Alternate downloads:

Usage guide:

If it crashes before it even opens please install .net 4.5 before posting as that may be the issue.

.NET 4.5 :

First go to the settings tab and enter your server details and password.
Next, go do the rcon page and click connect.
Either go to the current players tab to see who is connected or type rcon commands into the console.

Here are a few images of the current version.







If you experience errors when connecting look at the errors below to see if that helps.

There are known issues with Bitdefender, perhaps more.

Wrong password - “An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine”
Wrong Ip/port - “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx”

Try using the game port as the query port, to reset it put the default ( which is 0 ) back in the box.

If for some reason your settings are not being saved, please run as administrator and see if that helps!

If you need help, please either copy the contents of the console or a screenshot of the error and contact me.

Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated!

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Nice Troll Thread and Nice Troll Site.
“hp://rusty.trackthedead.c*m/" just says
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Okay sorry for my Post, now the Link works… to fast clicking links lol
The Tool works great, thanks for it.

Yeah … because I have not made a site for it yet. Its there just to host certain files and is also my website. Oh, the link is dead … i see.

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Sorry, the link was dead. I have corrected it now.

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I have updated it with the ability to give players items. Planning on adding a way to teleport players around too.

It’s works pretty great i must say

EDIT: original quote said “Nice virus”

lol… did you even scan it with a program or are you just saying that because of the link?

lol misread the pop-up when i started to download it.

Works like a charm, had to login just to say thank you :smiley: I’ve been looking for a decent Rcon tool for quite some time. Looking forward to your updates ^

Doesn’t work for me. I put in the ip/port and the server password. Just give’s me an error saying the server info was wrong when its not

Some hosts may use different query ports. This is an example from my server host - most hosts use the game port +1 but yours may differ.
The tool will automatically attempt game port + 1.

If you find out that it is different put it into the query port box to override it. Not sure if that’s the issue though!

well i’m using all i have is IP/port

For anyone having issues please pm/post your ip and port here and I will see if I can figure it out (No RCON password required!).

nice program if it works, i get Error every time.
using hbfservers.

Connection Info: ..141.101:28025
FTP: .
game_port 28025
hostport 28025

If you dont give me your full IP I cant see whats wrong, sorry. From what you are saying perhaps try putting 28025 as the Query Port.

if i putted in Query ill get instant error,

Some of your details are not filled in correctly. Please check the settings tab. :frowning:

Connection Info:

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so i put in the IP: and PORT: 28025 doesn’t work.

Error :frowning:
This is most likley because your server details are incorrect please double check.
If your details are correct your server host may use a different query port please check any information they gave you and enter it into the settings.


  • Players with a space in their name will have their ping displayed as the latter half of their name
  • The Kick button asks if you want to ban

I’m going to assume the errors everyone has is simply because they’re putting in incorrect information

However this tool looks excellent, however I’m running HFB and for whatever reason rcon cannot execute commands outside of the server yet (I don’t believe they’ve set it up) just recently they finally got the server to respond to query – so anyone using HFB I don’t believe this tool will work for you until HFB gets rcon working outside of the server

Does it run on Win7 x64? Cant start the tool. It always says “rusty doesnt work anymore”

Works like a charm.
Great work.

now we need the chat in this tool and it will be perfect :smiley:

As the RCON ability has only just been added to Rust I think that as Ezkl has mentioned that the server hosts do not currently allow connections on that port externally. If you are getting problems and you are sure there is no seperate query port please mention your server host here and if possible send them a message asking when you will be allowed to.

Yes it should run, perhaps try running as admistrator.

Thanks I overlooked that, I’ll get a fix out for that today! :slight_smile:

I have found an issue with the port, sometimes it may not match correctly im releasing an update shortly.

I just released an update fixing some minor issues noted above and should improve being able to connect to some servers.

is this open source or in github (or similiar)
would like to take a branch or add something.