Rusty Spoon -> Cavemen with attitude

Come try out the server <Rusty Spoon>

Currently running the Rust++ mod, with full PVP, Sleepers, and modified loot drops

We have modified loot tables to exclude the nasty things in life, you’ll not find fully automatic assault rifles here.

Removed from loot drops are:

M4 Rifle
9mm Pistol

The newly released 9mm Revolver will still be in, as it fits with the theme of ‘crafted weaponry’

We are currently trying to find the best mod experience for our users, and will do the very best to avoid a full wipe.

Join today and try out a different experience,


If you have any questions or concerns send me a PM, or contact me on steam

We will usually have 1-2 admins online for banning and removing of any hackers or general disturbers


C4 is now rare, not removed completely.

Sleepers have been turned OFF for the time being, until Limited Sleepers can be implemented.

Come build your dream hovel now, before the land gets taken

started playing on this server a few days back and it’s good. Active and friendly admins and an interesting setup.

is this it?