~Rusty Spoons~ [Seattle][Oxide][PVP][Fresh/May 25][Arenas][Airdrops][Active Admins]

Greetings Ruster’s,

Welcome to Rusty Spoons. Our server is managed by 3 active, mature rust-vets. We decided to create our own server after becoming frustrated by the subtle but game-changing admin abuse that takes place on most other servers. We have attributed certain game features (daily events, airdrops when appropriate, structured pvp, jumping puzzles) which make the server fun, new, and competitive.


Our Server’s Features
PVP - On
Day Vote - On
Sleepers - On
Kits - On
Warps - On
Baglock - Off
Doorshare - On
Wipes - None so far, no plans for one either

We encourage you to join our server and pursue whatever rust-style you enjoy most. Whether you be a creative builder, a bandit-mountaineer, a hunter or gatherer, we guarantee you will enjoy your stay with Rusty Spoons!

awesome Server, it also has Remover and door share! also the last picture is one of the arenas which is so much fun, never experienced rust like that before!

BUMP. Few more actives in game, great to see

BUMP. More clans need to join, but i’m loving the events!



BUMP. they built a new HUNGER GAMES ARENA its HUGE, you start with nothing and have to find food and hunting bows, its awesome!