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Welcome, to Rusty Gamerz!
We Rusty Gamerz are trying to start a community, and beginning with Rust! We hope to band players together to create a truly unique community by following some simple rules; also by having an interesting game play experience provided by Oxide, enabling us to achieve amazing modifications, truly enhancing the experience. We wish to start as a small community and slowly build up, so I’ve decided why not to start here? On the very Rust forums! We promise you will have a good time on our server. We are currently in need of admins, so I will hand-pick people who show the correct attributes of an admin in game, and give them rights if they so desire. Anyways, we aim to become a thriving community expanding amongst multiple games. So please, give us a try, and enjoy your stay!

Our Server
The Rusty Gamerz Rust server has a multitude of modifications powered by Oxide. We are starting with a few mods just to spice up the game play and get rid of those pesky walls you accidentally placed. We will however ask the community “What sort of mods do you wish to have to the server?”, such as the economy mod, bounties, skills, and maybe a few made by myself! I’m always willing to learn to help make our server that much better. We now have a toprustervers page; check it out and vote! http://toprustservers.com/server/2262. So, I’ll cut the chit-chat and get to what our server features!

PvP[Enabled]- We don’t want the only threat to be zombies, wolves, and bears, they can be easily dispatched when fully equipped, we want to add actual players to combat with over resources, airdrops, events, and more!

Sleepers[Enabled]- Although you risk losing your items overnight, it’s the chance of luck, so you can build up a good base, and defend your unconscious body, and not store all your good items on your body then leave. This also prevents combat logging.

*Air Drops[Enabled]*- ** This is a definite yes, airdrops will drop every hour as long as their are at least two players online. Airdrops contain rare equipment, building tools, and other necessary items. This will spice up game play and hopefully spark firefights over an airdrop crate. Also, once in a while, there will be a mass airdrop (10+ Planes), controlled by myself.

*Crafting[Instant]*- ** We feel crafting is a meaningless addition to the game; it just slows you down, and has no real point. You won’t be crafting in a gun fight, because most things you need require a crafting table. So I made it instant, *Hoorah!*No more wait times!

**Door Share- ** We’ve added the door share mod so you no longer have to memorize the code for you, or your friends door. Let’s say you forget the code, and you’re friend’s not on, what do you do? Nothing! You have no way of accessing the house (Unless you blow it open with c4). Door share will allow you to add your friend to your doors so (s)he can open them at their own will!

**Events- ** We will have a plethora of events, including Rusty Games (Hunger Games), Gladiator, Purge, Rush, Blood Bath Arena, and more as we come up with them! I will provide a brief description of each of them. Rewards will vary on the amount of players, and the event type.

Standard Protocol- This isn’t an event but rather a requirement for most events. When an event is announced all players attending will be required to put all their items away in a safe area, and come naked. Then the players who are attending will private message (/pm) an admin, owner, or event manager to be teleported. In the private message you must say you want to attend the event, confirm all your items are away, and provide your current location (/loc) so we can send you back when your done. If you don’t have all the information, you will be told to follow Standard Protocol.

Rusty Games- First, all players must do the Standard Protocol, then an admin will teleport them to an arena, all players must stand on their given campfire until the event manager fires the shot to begin. Players may rush to the center to gather what loot they can, or run for the outskirts and loot that as well; keep in mind, their are no grace periods, you can be killed as soon as you get to the center if someone grabs a weapon first. The last survivor will drop his current items from the Games and will be sent back home with a prize!

Gladiator- First, all players must do the Standard Protocol, once completed, you will be teleported into shacks with another player, and given a small kit. The kit will include different items depending on the Gladiator event level. Each pair of players will fight in the arena one at a time, being cheered on by their fellow event players, event though they will eventually fight you. The winners of each pair will move into a different pair, with other winners, eventually going up to the last two. 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, etc…(+8) players are required for this event, and the number of players must be even. Final winner will drop their items, and return home with their amazing reward! For a better understanding of what gladiator is, I will provide a layout.

Purge- Purge is different, because it doesn’t require standard protocol. It’s a weekly event. During the purge, an announcement will appear. Once the announcement appears, all doors on the server will be unlocked. So you have two choices, defend your base from raiders; or go raid some other places. When I say every door is open, it means every door made by players will be unlocked for free access, so you can enter and exit as you wish. The purge will last One whole day and night cycle. Once the purge is over, all doors will lock again, and players will resume normal gameplay. If anyone is locked inside a house, DO NOT KILL THEM, you will be kicked, and the person killed will have his items returned. If you get stuck, please, tell an admin to teleport you out.

Rush-- Rush consist of standard protocol, all players will then be teleported to a starting room, and split into multiple small groups. Each group will start at different points of the maze, the aim of the game is to rush and kill as many enemies as you can before dying. The winning team will receive a reward, even the players who died on the team. It’s very fast paced because most of the action will take place in corridors, which are very dark and require a flashlight (You will be given one).

Blood Bath Arena- Blood Bath arena can be standard protocol, and can’t at the same time. Bloodbath arena, their are event times set up by admins for the arena which will consists of FFA(Free For All) and TDM(Team Death Match) You will be given weapons, ammo, food, and armor at the start. Winning team/player receives a reward. However, for those not following standard protocol, you can challenge another player to a one on one fight, with your own items, the winner will receive all the other players items. So Blood Bath Arena has two ends, it is also highly configurable to suit different game types.

Remover Tool- Removal tool is a very helpful mod, this will allow you to remove structures you’ve placed with a pickaxe, so you no longer have to call an admin to delete it, blow it with c4, or any other method. Simply hit it twice with a pick axe, first time to confirm, second time to destroy. This will help you when you’re trying to expand upon your structure so you can add more rooms; or just remove a structure overall.

Teleportation Requests- With this modification, you no longer have to spend hours searching for you friend, simply send a teleport request to home (/tpa [name]) and wait for him to accept. You will be instantly teleported to him and you can finally prosper together! However, abusing this (Accepting teleport request from random players just to kill them) will get you kicked, then banned for repeated offenses. It’s just annoying, and won’t be tolerated. If this happened to you please speak to an admin about the situation.

Private Messaging- Hate having to announce to the whole server what you’re doing, when, where, and why. Well no more will this be done! Simply send a private message (/pm [name] [message]) and that person will be the only allowed to read the message! Helpful eh?

Polls- We will be adding lots more mods, maybe even the economy mods, and associated mods with it such as bounties, market etc…; but before we do any of that I want the communities input! I will randomly doing polls to see what you guys want, and what you don’t want. This will help keep you guys happy, which is the whole reason I created the server!

All rules will consists of a three step system. Warn, kick, then ban, for most of them. Any rules with a star (*) next to them, is an immediate ban.

  1. No trolling
    -Random teleportation request/acceptance.
    -Killing fresh spawns
    -Starting flame wars and other arguments
    -Being a troll in general
  2. No constant abusive language
    -Sexual Language
    -Excessive cursing
    -Other abusive language
    • No advertising your server
      -Giving IP address
      -Giving forum thread for server
      -Giving website for server
    • No hacking.
  3. No disrespect
    -Being an ass to players
    -Disrespecting players
    -Disrespecting authorities
  4. If it’s not in the rules, it doesn’t mean it’s not a rule, so if I forgot anything important, please place a comment. Thanks!

How to connect to the server-

  1. Launch Rust
  2. Press F1
  3. Type in the text box “net.connect”
    Note: Don’t include quotations.

If you read through this whole page, thank you. Taking the time to read this means a lot to me. I hope you join us, and enjoy your stay! Also don’t forget to stay Rusty!

Also forgot to mention, we are located in the U.S, East Coast, New York; 50 slots.

We’re looking for a playerbase!

[editline]5th February 2014[/editline]

-Added /history
-Added prefixes so you can identify authorities better.
-We’re now on TopRustServers!

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We’re currently working on a website! Stay tuned!


[editline]5th February 2014[/editline]

-Re Added Polls
-Added Raffle
-Planning on removing Mass Airdrops (We have future plans for custom loot tables, mass airdrops will ruin the whole point)
-Fixed Purge
-Wiped Server

Rusty Bump


Server sounds really cool.

Just a pity my ping would be so high :frowning:

I just might come on too this server just see all of the events and to see how the admins and players treat each other.

Thank you for taking your time to reply :). It would be my pleasure for you to join us!

Failed to connect:/

Did you type quotations in?

If you didn’t please copy and paste here what you’re typing in the console.

Closing the server, probably for a while. I’m busy with life, also I wish to take up modding, so I’m opening a new server with 8-10 players hosted by HFB. The new server will have the same IP and be open for people to test my plugins. I will be using the Rust++'s team “Magma”. Thank you for reading! I will close/delete/whatever with this thread and make a new on once I get this up and running.