Rusty's National Guard new Woodland

Here is a complete new Woodland camo for Rusty’s National Guard.

NOTE: This will replace the old BDU LT.Commander made.

Looks pretty good.

You should do some modern camo schemes like Multicam for our very near-future poses.



Maybe ill take requests of camo`s.


Then again, they’ve just started phasing that out, from what I’ve heard.

A very much so useful skin.

Probably would have been nice to have it in the original thread Rusty made. A lot of skins in there are already in it.

First I was like :smiley: then I serioused :expressionless:

Nice skin thar.

As much as I don’t want to sound like a prick, what I’m about to say will probably come off like it.

I looked at the texture, and it’s worse then what it’s replacing.

The texture isn’t a true skin so much as it’ a generic camo that doesn’t break up at the pockets, with some bad grain and cloth overlay applied over it.
Color wise, it’s nothing like real BDUs. I know, I used my own uniform as reference. They’re way over-saturated.
The stitching, pockets, artificial shadows and lighting are a noticeable step down from what I already did, and in the case of shading, you took it out completely.
The size of the pattern for the blouse and pants don’t match, and neither are the correct size.
To top it all off, the texture file sizes are ten times larger then what I made.

Here’s a comparison, it should speak for itself.

Work harder, and try to improve upon a given concept instead of lowering the bar, esp. if you’re releasing it as a direct replacement.


Who cares, it looks good in-game. P.S. I worked pretty hard the only thing that sucks is that Paint.Net doesn`t has a burn or dodge tool and that kinda stuff. And i already had the trial of photoshop before i started doing this.

I do

It looks good in-game so why would you?

It looks better then the last one. But man, those eyes are so annoying.