RustySpoon: iOS Administration Tool

Hey all, we’ve finally been able to get our iOS administration tool onto the iOS AppStore and are looking to the community for feedback and to work out what features are most needed/wanted in a mobile administration client, so we can begin development on the next round of features. Currently it’ll manage multiple servers, show who’s online, give you their details, including a link to their Steam profile, with the option to kick and ban with or without a reason. It’ll also stay awake if you’ve got your device on charge so you can leave it to the side monitoring the player list on an ongoing basis.

If you have a chance, download it and have a play. We’ve been running it on our devices for the last couple of weeks and it’s really handy to have access to our servers anywhere. We’re not planning on implementing an Android version, that’s already taken care of by other developers, there’s no point flooding the options there.

Let me know below what you think and what you’d like to see, we’re really open to feedback on this and we’re hoping we can work towards a great iOS administration tool for Rust.


Updated (16th September 2015) - Android Support


**Updated (1st February 2016)

**RustySpoon has been renamed and is know called RustyTool. Along with this version 1.3.1 is available on the Google Play store with a tonne of new features, iOS is on its way to being approved but they can be slow.

**Updated (4th February 2016)

**RustyTool is now available on both the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store. #win

I’m trying it, is a step in the right direction but without console is only informative of who is logged in.

Good work, I’m waiting for the 2.0 version :wink:


Some time it send “NoOP” command to the server…

Trying it now…

Firstly it’s about time someone tackled this.

There are a couple of frustrating things missing though, namely the ability to edit server connection settings, and also an option to delete a server.

Finally I’m having no luck in connecting to my server. Should the port be the server connection port or the rcon port?

You must use the rcon port.

So glad someone has finally started on an IOS admin tool, I think this is a great idea, I suggested it to the creator of rusty a while back(not sure if he approved of the idea though). looking forward to see how this turns out :slight_smile:

You definitely do have to use that RCON Port and that’s on me. I’ll update the label in that box to be more specific.

On the server list if you swipe left on the server it should expose the Edit button. The Edit page has a Delete button. iOS does need to be 8+ for this to work.

The client will send three NoOP echoes in a row to the server before attempting to do anything to get the server to flush out and pending messages that cause issues on the client end. This is specifically related to RCON disconnected messages. This shouldn’t cause any problems on your server, if it does please let me know.

Thanks for the feedback so far. Appreciate the time.

Too bad, I’m using iPhone 4 with iOs 7.1.2

Hmm. I’ll make it work for you. The more I think about it the less I like the swipe to edit. It’s not intuitive. You’ll be able to edit them in the next release. Leave it with me.

v1.0.2 was released this morning with various bug fixes for iOS 7, usability improvements, and there is now Chat and Console access from within the app. :dance:

iPhone 4 with iOs 7.1.2, no JB.

The edit server swipe work but if I try to connet to the server the app crash.

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled as a test? I have a 4 here with the same as a test device and it’s working ok, slow/chunky, but ok for its age.

Yes, no matter, even reboot the device don’t help.

Ok, I don’t know why but now is working, great tool.

If you can in the future release please show the players connected time not in seconds but in H:M:S format.

Great app, only have 1 smaller issue with it, if I’m on other apps (for longer time) while Rustyspoon is running, then rustyspoon time out on the connection when I return to it.

lol, Apple users :vs:

Oh sweet. I’ve been testing your setup for a bit to work it out with my iPhone 4 / 7.1 and it’s working fine. Yeah I have to go in and fix those seconds, make a nicer looking display. Good to hear you’re up and working.

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Unfortunately we can’t do much about it, iOS apps suspend in the background and can’t keep going, except in certain circumstances which don’t apply here, it’s a battery life thing.

Hopefully reconnecting is quick enough for you that it doesn’t matter?

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Thanks for the useless comment.

Can you provide a link to Android version? Not yours, of course, since it doesnt exist, but other ones?

It tend to hang for a wee bit too long when you return to the app and it figure out that it timed out, but not that of a biggie.

On another note, would it be possible for an option giving the possibility of a sound when a new player join? (if player list is opened)

Absolutely. I’ll add that to the list. Notification sounds would be handy for the way I use it as well, I stand my iPad on my desk and leave it on the player list or chat to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Great work. Thank you! Sometimes the app crashes for me and its a bit slow (like lags). Im using iPhone 5 with the latest iOS-Release.
Maybe is it possible to show the Chat by reading out the Log.Chat.txt?
Another fine option could be, if I were able to clean the cache (old console and chat messages).