RustyValve Presents: Noob- [Learn Rust - OXIDE] NewB Friendly|PvP|Active Admins & Ticketing

RustyValve Presents is here to provide you with a server that will appeal and fit the needs of many. We are very new but on our first day sported over 70 players at peak with over 250 unique players having logged on the first day! We have a very active player base that provides a very organic Rust experience.

There are clans of bandits, new player towns, lone wolves, all under one roof. Complete strangers have banded together to take down more well armed groups and formed their own alcoves of happiness. Everyone is polite to answer questions and the admin is quick to correct anyone being abusive. We want you to have fun from the initial rock hitting a tree to when you’re fully equipped and roaming the countryside fighting against the bandits or with them.

Stop by and check us out!

Additional information about the admins and the mods used on the server can be found on the website. It’s a short read, I promise.


Our Rules

  1. Don’t be a douche.*
  2. No cheating/hacking/exploiting.
  3. Enjoy!

Server Info
Server Location: Chicago
Server IP:
Port: 28215
Admin: ItsZach /u/Rustyvalve

To Connect

  1. F1 key
  2. net.connect
  3. RUST!

Really great server active admin and has only been up for probs about 36 hours! Yall should def check it out and a decent population for a fresh server.

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Bumpin for new server potential.

                • AVOID THIS SERVER * * * * * * * *
                  Admin Abuser - Random Wiper - Fake Server Admin
                • AVOID THIS SERVER * * * * * * * *
                  I thought this was a pretty solid server, and was definitely enjoying playing on it for the past few days. And then after a few days, the admin wiped the server and most of the regulars left. So this server is pretty bad now and I would not recommend it. The admin also spawns items for his friends to help raid people. I was with a few friends in a large base, and on day 2 he had some friends with Kevlar try to raid our house, and failed. It wasn’t a big deal, until we overheard them asking for ItsZach (The server owner/admin) to spawn them weapons. Which is pretty pathetic.
                  He also claims to be a developer who know’s multiple people who work at valve. So he’s probably making a ton of stuff up and talking out of his ass. Nothing he says can be backed up, and he’s completely full of shit. He claimed to make things for GMod, but his Facepunch account is less than a month old. I smell BULLSHIT!

PS: It wasn’t me who DDoS’d you guys, just in case you were wondering. I don’t know who it was, and I’m sorry to hear about it. But you clearly pissed off more people than just me. You might want to let people know when you’re going to erase all of their work.

I’m aware it wasn’t you, NuclearFallout Enterprises where I host the server is being DDoS’d with nearly their entire network down. Nothing has actually been wiped, the save states are still intact on the server.

Decent server all around. A few KoSers but overall a good server to play on for anyone learning how to play rust.

As for the administration of the server, I have not experienced anything negative worth reporting.

We’re back online after a 24 hour ddos. Such is life. Come one come all!

I’m so terrible and corrupt as an admin, that after a 24 hour DDoS attack we had 45 people on before prime time. Come feel the favoritism and rampant abuse of admin power that keeps players coming back for more!

All masochists welcome and wanted!

So, not sure where to report this, but I have a bug to report that only has happened to me on this server.

I am in a 4x4 wood base and while walking on the foundations once in a awhile I will just fall over dead. The message is that I killed myself. This has happened several times and one time while I was standing still crafting.

Note. I was not bleeding or any spike walls around, I am not hungry, doesn’t matter the armor I am wearing, I just keel over dead.
Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to avoid this.

O.o - I’m not sure why this is happening Anti-Toxin. We’ve been noticing more bugs as of late, which is part of the reason we plan on wiping soon. The Rust server logs are woefully thin on details, I’ll see if there’s anything I can find for you.

Thanks so much!!! I seem to be only one in our group that has this issue, but I built a identical base right next to the first one, and 0 problems on that side, so it seems to be contained to that first 4x4 area.

I am enjoying the server except for the fact that my friends seemed to have picked a fight with a large group and have been playing tug-a-war with. It seems that the group has admin powers lol, Not saying that there is abuse, haven’t seen or heard about any. But if there is any group that is going to be coordinated and well prepared it will be them. That and not many people seems “friendly” i.e saying friendly while farming still gets you shot haha but o’ well its RUST after all.

No one has admin powers except me, and I give nothing away. I believe you’re talking about musanN’s group. They’ve been raiding… heavily. In addition everyone has guns now because it was a Vanilla server. I’m working on modifying the loot drops and trying to set a schedule for when additional weapons beyond basics will be entered into the game after wipe. I’d rather have an evolutionary system than a static one. I hope you guys will enjoy along with the new arena!

Okay good to know, like I said I just heard they had admin powers. So when is the server going down and when will it be back up? Also I am assuming that our blueprint knowledge and inventories will be included in the wipe. So basically everyone will be starting completely fresh.

Could be a suicide hack. There is supposedly a new one around.