Rut Experimental mini freeze after last patсh.

Hello. Sorry for my english (I write from the Siberian backwoods). After last patсh i have some problem with Experimental version. Always good but when i took my rock and kick somebody, like human or trees or metal ore or my(or not my) house i have FREEZ my game in 2-3 seconds time. Thats problem have not only me, another player too. After last Pacth CPU using is 100% always when run Experimental version. Only when i have freez CPU using down on 50-70% AFTER back to 100% using. Before last patсh I had no such problem. Thanks all who help me.

CPU core 2 due e8400
ddr3 2x4gb
Geforce Gt 640 2048 mb
Windiws 7 ultimate 64

reinstall game and windows but problem stay.

problem stay after last patch 20/09/2014

its same for me, its so anooying… it happen less in 3rd point of view, weird o.o

Same thing is happening to me with same hardware to except different gpu. still no answer.

any ideas how to fix that? Probably we can’t but :o

I finally fixed it! I uninstalled the game and installed Diablo 3 and it works great! (Diablo 3 that is)

EEE mini freez is gone. VICTORY

They are gone for me also, VICTORY!