Rw Combine Soldier Skin

I Dont Know What To Say About This , really :ohdear:
A Combine skin i made for my future mod , it took over 90 minutes to make , seriously…
Userful For Making Combine Screenshots.
Its Something Red & Black Styled [sp]Shit[/sp]
Also Pics :v:
Note : Click on the pictures for big size!
there’s also easter egg in 2D picture… lol :3:

nice but is’nt it a litte to much red in there? just asking

there is 50% red and 50% black :v:

not bad. i like it

This skin really isn’t that great. It isn’t that bad though, just needs some better blending and effort put into it.

It’s a recolour, and one that doesn’t make a lot of sense at that.

I realise you’re just starting out, but you might want to put a bit more effort into things if you expect to get anywhere. Anyone can recolour something.

Looks like he works in a volcano. Also does he work for Umbrella? I saw the Umbrella emblem on there.

yes i know that i made umbrealla-related icon at his shoulder or arm , idk… :stuck_out_tongue: but its not an umbrella