RwG- Random with Gmod

RwG is a new bunch of mini episode-like things i am making.
I completed #1 nice n’ simple, working on #2 right now.
It is my first video so please rate and comment, Thanks!

RwG #1

Rwg #2
work in progress!

Recommended to watch in HD fullscreen!

Improvements to make:
Never make the the intro that long unless its entertaining.
Show the title once.
Use different maps.
Get half-life 2 (checker textures).


That wasn’t at all entertaining, and the segments dragged on too much, especially the intro, or whatever that was with the combine in the beginning.

I will try not to make things that long again sorry.

Just because i feel like it i will give this some constructive criticism while i’m watching it.

-There are two very very obvious editing mistakes that could be changed easily (the text disappearing before it exits the screen)
-Why do we need to see the title three times? First RWG than Random with Gmod #1 and than RWG: #1

Cat scene:
Good attempt but again a bit messy in the editing, it should’ve been speedup and more a-bit

Can part:
Cool be good put poor execution with just being in gm_construct

One of the better scenes just could use some better voice for the citizen

Checkerboard textures

A bit way-to-overused song

Well dunno if it’s your first video but it could be a lot worse. (It seem that it is your first video)

Thanks for the reply. Wow alot of mistakes made there! I’ll list the things I will do to imrpove my videos in the main post. Thanks!

Biggest mistake was the Benny Hill song at the end.

I figured that out, thanks for the reply though.

well i liked the nyan cat i guess