RX-78-2 Gundam playermodel


Can someone make an RX-78-2 Gundam model or playmodel? It would be absolutely awesome.

To be honest I just made this thread so that I could share my love for gundam. I don’t really believe anyone would ever fulfill my wish. If someone does though I will be eternally grateful.

Images are of the RX-78-2 itself. Enjoy






For people who haven’t been keeping up with the news, the outdoor pictures are real. ITT: WE LOVE GUNDAM!


I know you people who are viewing my thread have some sort of inherent interest in Gundam. If you didn’t you would’ve ignored it. At least post something before you go elsewhere.

This would be awesome.
Is that real Gundam functionable?

Never watched gundam , and there is very few mechs from it that i kinda like.

The one you got in the OP i don’t really like , it’s rather blocky and reminds me of transformers , not saying trasnformers was shit or anything , i did watch the cartoon when i was a kid , loved it alot.

I’d want a Zaku more then that white one


It looks less blocky.

I have a Zaku-II, Wing Zero, Epyon, Freedom, RX-78-2 (Seperated Parts),Exia and a few more others, they are all in .OBJ format and they will all need a bit of 3D edit work done to work for GMod. I’ll give the .OBJ’s away to whoever if someone with 3D experience will help me by breaking down the Gundams besides the RX into seperate parts for me that’s all I ask. Think of it as a you scratch my back I scratch yours. Below is the link to a few of the Gundams as just a sample of what I have.


You got materials for those things?

If you mean functionable, as if it can walk around: Nope.
It can turn it’s head and light u as shown. Not sure what else.

Grunt mechs are the best. I prefer the Custom Flag though from Gundam 00(A show you’ve probably never even heard of seeing that you don’t watch any gundam series).

To be honest I have no idea how to work with those things. Nevertheless, thanks for your contribution.

No, I don’t think so I have one or two with materials but not sure if they are in or not.

Why was the title changed?

I’ve got to agree with DT here the Zaku’s were the cool one’s

Pfft, why don’t you go and make your own request thread then? I’m pretty sure someone would make a Zaku first, which would be just as awesome.

I support this request. I wonder if it’s possible to make it a vehicle for Gmod.

I want to see this request come true

I’d rather have a Gouf.

(Mainly this is For The Bump)

HOLY SNAP! 5 months ago I saw this and had a “Ferb I know what were gunna do today,” moment. 5 MONTHS AGO! XD HA HA HA. I found out a lot in the first few hours fond a zaku model (THANKS GUY WHO MADE A GUNDAM MOD FOR UNREAL TOURNAMENT III!!!) and placed it in the T position. What eluded me was the rigging, I acctually found a tutorial that explinaed the logic and FINALLY a few minutes ago FIGURED IT OUT!!! The legs moved and the torso wasssssss… well it was being pulled in like 15 different directions, But I finallly! understand enough to move on. YES! I KINNNNDA want to make a tutorial about how to do make a G mod model now, If I ever gin the rest out XD . Well thanks for giving me a goal to learn form. If I ever do make a Gundam themed player model I’ll try and post it here. Thanks!

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Oh wait this is 5 years old, someones guna come an yell at me aren’t they?