RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type Gundam

What’s up? I’m modeling a Gundam, this one to be exact:

Picture and information gratefully stolen from MAHQ.net (Mecha Anime Head Quarters)


Been modeling it since August 11 so far. Here are progress shots:

August 11:

August 12:

August 13:

August 14:

Aaaand, currently:

Lemme know what you think. I guess I expect to finish it within the next week or two, weapons and all included.

Looks really good!

The torso looks a little small to me.

Looking good, but the torso does seem a tad small even for the squatness of the original’s torso.

Fuck yeah Gundams.

Also how many tris are you at right now?

6,996 triangle so far. I’m trying to model this off of pictures online and an action figure i have from when I was 10, so scale is funny right now. I agree I made the torso too small so I will size it up. I will probably work more on it tonight.

looks Epic maybe once you get done with that one, you should try deathscythe or wing gundam

Looks excellent so far. I look forward to the completed project.
Maybe after you could try Devil Gundam?

the red thing in the torso looks a little big compared to the reference pic and the central part of the torso doesnt look like it pop out as much as in the pic

thats the biggest difference i can see, but it could be the angle

Are there any plans for a skybox version?

Looks like Armored Core.

Torso proportions better? Also, sorry about the jagged lines. I updated my video card drivers and Wings 3d stopped anti-aliasing in the viewport. Dunno why. For a retardedly large render, click this:


just wondering is this gonna be a full-scale size or a skybox size?


A good way to test your proportions would probably be to position the 3D view so it’s similar to the picture.

the full size of the Gundam is 14 meters tall

A skybox model would be one sixteenth of it’s actual size.

couldn’t be arsed to model much in the last two days

Wow, thats impressive, it looks like a photograph of the toy version :smiley: (though I know it isn’t)