RX2_DarkRP_F4Menu_for_2_5_0 Help

On the custom F4 menu, it has shown that theres a “Vip jobs” and “VIP shop” Well, On entitys that I have VIPOnly = true, It breakes the job and doesn’t add to “VIP job/shop” Any fix?
(Also wondering if different code for one liners EX: TEAM_OWNER = AddExtraTeam(“Owner”, Color(95, 3, 3, 0), “models/player/Steinman/jacket.mdl”, [[Your the boss of this server round these parts.]], {“weapon_nyangun”}, “Owner”, 3, 50, 0, false, false, false, function(ply) return ply:IsUserGroup(“Owner”) end))

Hi :wink:

You should talk to RocketMania as he is the person who you (should have) purchased this from and will provide support for his addon.

You are probably creating dictatorship like most darkrp owners do.And while you are doing it you are also using leaked scripts.And ffs use darkrp 2.5. Job code not 2.4 :frowning:

İ know the problem and how to fix it but i wont tell since you gotta ask to rocketmania.