"Ryan" - First attempt in a sad-ish film.

Ryan -




Ryan faces through the same thing everyday. Throughout his life, he has been alone. Will he
take it anymore?

As for the ending, you decide what happens.

Very good for a first attempt. The no sound approach gave a nice and creepy feel, plus you executed the moments good! A tad short but no matter.

Nice job on this!

i love this. im glad someone has taken a differnt approach to machinma.
good work.

This was actually sad unlike many gmod videos I saw that claimed to be a sad movie yet they were only cheesy. Good job.

It was meh. But good plot though!

I really enjoyed this. It needs a plot Twist though.


But no, all in all it was fun to film and I am very very satisfied with the C&C it has gotten so far. Thank you guys so much for the feedback and keep it coming, its making my ego swell to massive proportions.

Ruined the moment.

Good Job

Excellent work my man! Looks like you got some high hopes for future Machinima.
What I loved most was the pace, you didint just right. Also a big plus is that you didnt overload the movie with any music like everyone does.

Good work!

This is pretty good…poor ryan…

I’m surprised you guys didn’t find the easter egg yet.

0:31 what is over there background? And there is also blood…

My bad…

Nicely done.


Was that it? Heheheheh.

Is it the weird logo on the double door?

Pretty much found all of them. Except the blood was a mistake.

Yea, sadly we over looked the blood… I guess its an easter egg now though.