Ryu-Gi's screenshots got him on Kotaku...

Unfortunately not the creepy ones :saddowns:

I figured that seeing this is the screenshot section, and this article is about good ol’ Ryu-Gi’s screenshots, might as well put it here…

(Mods, if you think this IS the wrong section, just lock the thread)

it’s kotaku; who cares



Well, it’s Kotaku.

They are good, but Kotaku will post just about anything really.

Ryu-Gi is fucked up.

I felt a small relief.
Propably because he is spamming that place now with his wicked poses instead of this.

Who are they?

Meh Kotaku. They bum off Nintendo and Zelda and all that jazz. If Uberslug or someone esle actually decent made a Zelda picture Kotaku would probably collectively cream themselves.

Who’s Kotaku?