Ryu-G's Halloween Poses thread 2012

So with everyone’s favorite holiday involving pumpkins (No, not Thanksgiving, though pumpkin pie is pretty awesome,) is coming up I wanted to do a couple 2spooky4u type poses. I’ll post them all here.

Here’s the first one, "Eldritch Sacrifice"

I decided to take this Metal CD cover and do my own version of it:

And here’s my version:

Is that an elf on that cover?

Also those are some pretty shitty shadows.

Yeah I don’t know what happened. I typed in those commands that are supposed to make the shadows better but for some reason they turned out like this, weird.

The cover of the album makes it look like she’s a sacrifice.

Your pose makes it look like he’s going to grope her.

Time for those Elf Rape drawings again…
She’s got a shiny ass :v:

I came here for elf rape
Don’t disappoint me Ryu.

Just kidding, Shadows are wonky, but everything else is pretty nice

Welp! Guess I’ll start making more skeleton porn then.

As everyone has said, yeah shadows.
Posing is great though.

You didn’t happen to set the projected texture command at 0, did you?

You’re meant to put it at something like 0.2 to get rid of the jagged edges.

Heh, bondage props.

that is some nice stuff!

Oh dang

I think I set it to 2, not 0.2

No wonder.

Soooo are we posting some halloween poses or just judging Ryu-Gi?

Sadly, it will never get better.
He’ll make a thread, get a few actual comments, get some elf-rape comments, and a few “you’re getting creepy again.” It’s a damn cycle.

The elf rape comments are just friendly jokes now.

Go to his old modelling thread if you want to see people actually derailing an entire fucking thread when he came back.

Well technically I think he intended the thread to just be for his Halloween stuff.

Also I think it’s going to be interesting if he starts gradually settling into progressively more and more creepy poses haha. It’s a shame he puts all of his talent into mostly awkward poses.

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Well he certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

Okay, I wasn’t going to talk about it, but I just want to make it clear:

Yes, I do take offense to the continued rape jokes. I simply haven’t been responding back because I’ve been trying to ignore it.

I’ll be honest, I was impressed with how much class you’re handling the situation with, ignoring it was a pretty great move and is/was working well for you. Of course I still think you’re going to catch shit when you continue to make poses with blatant sexuality present but if it’s what you like to do then who’s stopping you? Hell maybe it’ll be forgotten in time, but more power to you either way.

Well, most of the time when someone just flips out about something that makes them feel uncomfortable it only draws more negative attention to them. You see it happen all the time, especially on the internet. So I figured, the most mature way to handle it was just to ignore it, and hope that people get the hint that I’m not interesting in salting old wounds.

I like it. The shadows was the only thing preventing me from giving you a winner.
Also the Spencer Estate put to good use.