Ryu Hayabusa? (Ninja Gaiden)

Is there any Ragdolls of “Ryu Hayabusa” from Ninja Gaiden?
If so, where to get him?
Any Help would be very Appreciated.

There’s one provided in this pack here from one of the Dead or Alive games (same suit for the most part), but it lacks finger and eye posing.

I like these comments.

And then we have this guy.

Hmmm… Yes that makes perfect sense. Illegally downloading the game so you can get models.

This isn’t for gmod, but I’m sure you could port it over: http://xnalara-customized.deviantart.com/gallery/?27713351#/d4gvyuf

XNALara exports as obj

I think that model is a lot better than the DOA model…I support!