Ryu Hyabusa + Ayame Hyabusa

O.K forget Ryu,i just need ayame.She’s the most important for the Assasination scene and it’d help if she was a playermodel because you get a ragdoll anyway.So heres the images:


her Katana


and if your up for it,maybe her without her mask on her mouth and wearing a dress with heels like this:

her mask


and both of which id like to be player models…i dont expect it to be Perfect but atleast its something.and maybe a playermodel of the dress one without her mask…Yea…the machinima will be great for the assasination at the wedding :dance:

What the hell is this?

i dun own DOA so theres the problem!and i dont want Ayane,i want Ayame and Ryu…also i dun want topless ones

There is no Ayame, its Ayane. Ayame is Tenchu.

oh,really?..well still i cant get that pack…like i said,i dun own DOA and i cant use it! if someone could just PLEASE make this without making me have to buy DOA
Edit:lets just go with tenchu ayame

u dun own DOA but mayb u shud own a gramer book and a dikshunaree PLEEZE lolz

…i say “Dun” because its a habit…

It’s a habit you really ought to break.

Please can we go back onto topic,i dont want to be ignored like always(Happy,i said dont!!)

It would be fine to download that if you do not own DOA, since the models were ported by “fans” and was heavily modified to be able to use in the source engine.

i’ll try it,but if it doesnt works this request will continue


this could be a problem,Team ninja (creators of ninja gaiden and DOA) ported and made it,not fans


…downloaded and went onto gmod,Nothing!


Aww,please guys…i desperatly need these for a video,i’ll give a Huge thanks for whoever does it

The funny part is that I keep getting the names mixed up myself, so the guy shouldn’t feel too bad. lol

Those models

are originally made by Team Ninja, but Team Ninja did not port them and did not edit them. You can download them even if you do not own a copy from Dead or Alive. Why? Because Team Ninja can’t sue you. They feel way to important to sue some guys, who download their models, which have been ported to the Source Engine…

Still doesnt fix my Ayame thing though,and when i download that i get nothing

Grr… They then need to be placed manually in the correct folders, for example, model folder goes into the models folder in your Gmod directory… It isn’t that hard. Please also do us all a big favor, use correct English when typing in these forums or else no one will ever take you seriously here. Not trying to be rude, but it is a fact.

ok…ryu is ticked off the list because i managed to get him.Just ayame in her ninja and formal suit now! anyone up for it?

Nothing yet? Non? Such a shame…the above post says what i was gonna say…

As in real life.

Just because you want something…

…dosen’t mean the universe owes you.