RZONE | US WEST | NOSLP | PVP - Brand new server! No sleep and PVP!!!

Up and running as of last night!!!

Servername: RZONE | US WEST | NOSLP | PVP

To connect, press F1 at title screen. This will bring up the command console. Type or paste in the following net.connect then press enter!!!

We welcome anyone to the server! Build and survive!!!

Anyone is welcome, we want noobs, experienced, and advanced players on this server!!!

Come join us in making this one of the best servers available!

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ALSO, Half time crafting!!!

Bumps. Our server is doing great! Come on in and have some fun!!!

More info:

No admin abuse, we are super friendly and want to build a community of gamers alike! This is a noob and experienced friendly server. We get that you want to kill each other in PVP, that’s fine, but the admins will be around to help build a community to share ideas.